Test Anxiety

Did you know that Hypnosis can reduce or even completely remove test anxiety?! In 4 weekly hypnotherapy sessions we can eliminate the issues you may be having with College Testing and/or Homework completion. Hypnosis has been extremely effective to treat TEST ANXIETY, PROCRASTINATION, MOTIVATION, and ORGANIZATION.

If you are an Orange County College student and are finding that you are having an issue with getting your work done on time or seem to feel so nervous about taking exams that you cannot study properly, give me a call and we can set up an intake and treatment plan. The first weekly session will be the intake and mini hypnosis session. This is where we will decide what type of induction will suit you the best and find out your specific anxiety or procrastination looks like. After that, we will do a shorter version of hypnosis to see how suggestible you are and what works best for you. By the second session, we will have the perfect induction and hypnosis script developed for you and only a few minutes after the session begins, we will be in our trance to positive results. The third and fourth session will be very similar to the second to seal these positive suggestions and future pacing in your unconscious mind resulting in a freedom from test anxiety and a new confidence as a student.