January 2017 Newsletter
Women's Group

This group is all women who meet bi-monthly for 6 months. Some topics include relationships, confidence, body image, goals (creating a vision board), & womens roles. Goals for the group include becoming more emotionally independent, confidant, self-aware, empathetic, & self-positive.
September 2016 Newsletter
Healthy Relationships Group

This is a coed bi-monthly topic group that meets for 12 sessions. This is a sequel to the Codenpendency group. We discuss relationships including dating, marriage, divorce, & how to get through difficult relationships in order to recognize the red flags & make better choices in the future.
February 2016 Newsletter
Codependency Group

This is a coed bi-monthly 12 session topical group. We will be meeting for 6 months learning about Codependency & sharing our experiences to gain insight & tools to set better boundaries & choose healthier friends & relationships.
October 2015 Newsletter
Depression/Social Interaction Discussion Group

This is a group of people who have struggled with isolation, relationships, or negativity. We will be discussing out experiences, showing empathy and compassion. This group is nonjudgmental and completely confidential.