Guided Imagery

By Jill Wu
“Relaxation and visualization heal the body, mind, and spirit. Progressive muscular relaxation and controlled breathing help relieve tension and stress. Guided Imagery encourages people to experience internal harmony, to heal emotional and physical upsets, to increase body awareness, enhance relaxation, to get in touch with the healing source of energy for emotional and spiritual strength, to receive direction from their own inner guide, and to connect with the environment.” Julie Lusk (Imagery script author)

One of the tools I use as often as needed is Guided imagery. This technique begins with relaxation. The client lays back on my comfy Chase lounger (couch) with pillows, dim lighting, and relaxing music or nature sounds. I will then guide the client to focus on breathing and let go of the thoughts in the mind that are stressful or may lead to stress. Then, based on what works for that particular client, I will describe a scene or an experience with vivid detail in order for them to feel like they are there. The client uses all the senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, & touch). Some of these scripts are solely to relax you and some of them have further value like fining the answer to a question about your life, or letting go of past baggage and moving forward. I get very creative with guided imagery because I find it very effective and I really enjoy using it in my sessions. Sometimes it is nice to be able to go to the beach or float through the clouds and let your mind help free you.