Group Therapy

There are several benefits to group therapy for specific clients, which cannot be offered from traditional individual therapy.

The group offers a special kind of support system in which clients are held accountable during the process of attaining goals set in therapy.

The group also helps clients to identify issues and reduce shame by relating to others experiencing similar struggles.

In my practice I facilitate a small social anxiety bi-weekly group where we explore topics (sometimes chosen by a group member) to stimulate thought provoking discussions in a safe environment. Like this one, some of my groups are long term and intimate meaning the members have worked together for several months and feel very safe to discuss highly personal issues.

I also facilitate short-term groups more centered around a specific topic like dating, codependency, or anger management.

Sometimes I organize a group based on client similarities and sometimes I facilitate groups open to the public.

Group members whom are also individual clients get a discounted price, however groups are always very affordable and cost much less than individual weekly therapy sessions.

If you are interested in experiencing one of these groups, please let me know.