Client Testimonials

"If you want to finally make the changes in your life that have eluded you then l highly recommend Jill. I spent 9 years in therapy which was 3 years to 3 separate therapist. Logically my previous therapist always made sense. I still never experienced they change I sought. They ignored or didn't address my illogical side, my emotional side, my subconscious. I raved to Jill about about hypnotherapy because it was that portion of her treatment that seemed to get the messages in and change my internal belief system. I now believe that therapy without hypnotherapy is not effective. But in addition to hypnotherapy Jill has a true gift. I am not sure if Jill is 100% aware of her gift but l know l am. She has X-ray vision and can see through to the truth like no therapist l've ever experienced. Quick example: l believed my "issues" came from my father. My previous therapist took my word for it and off we went. Somehow unlike the others Jill quickly addressed issues stemming from what l believed was my perfect mother. When she "went there" l thought Jill was wasting her time. She wasn't. She was right. I had no idea how l really felt. Jill gives me credit but meeting her changed my life. I was like a squirrel with a can on my head and Jill pulled it off. I cannot recommend her services enough. I do know if you want to be responsible and in charge of how you feel at all times, Jill can show the how. You just have to let her. Thank you Jill thank you"...Brian Gallion

"I have been working with Jill for about 6 months now. She has has shed light on what I was blind to see and guided me through a difficult time. I have worked through forgiveness and mended relationships with family members that I thought I would die hating. I like how easy it is to just talk, to be myself, and to feel safe opening doors that have been closed for years." ...Scott Puisis

"Jill is always available by phone or email and willing to be flexible. Jill has been reaffirming, which has improved my self-esteem. She has helped me understand and cope with my daily conflicts." ...George Prado

"Seeing Jill was one of the best life decisions I have made, not only for myself, but for my friends and family. I have newfound self-confidence, am more reasonable, and now love myself more than ever. This flows through me and on to my peers. I an so thankful for everything he has done for me, and would highly recommend her to others." ...Elizabeth Biscotti (Former Client).

"After sessions with Jill Wu, my 12 year old son stopped punching holes in walls and started understanding how to get along with teachers in school. My son and myself have a better relationship and I believe his dad and sister have changed in many ways from how my son and I have changed." Tonya Leyva (Former Client)

"Jill has helped me express my anger in healthy ways, be more assertive, and eventually to have painfree-intercorse with my boyfriend." (Anonymous Client).

"My daughter has been diagnosed with Schizo-affective, Bipolar, and Borderline Personality Disorder for nearly 20 years (she is 40 now) and we have never worked with anyone like Jill. She has helped me to let go of any real control I thought I had over these behaviors and cope with the loss of my fantasy of a "normal family". She has had group sessions with our family to educate and support everyone with their questions and concerns. She has also seen my daughter 3 times a week for a year now resulting in a happier more cohesive family." (Lee Issac, Client)

"Jill is attentive, intuitive, and down to Earth. I went to her for anger issues and received practical tools and coping mechanisms to help me in real life. She Nisan amazing Life Coach and Therapist that I would recommend to everyone I know!" Jena Zarza (Former Client)

"Thank you so much for everything. I've been going out to face my fear with new experiences almost everyday and I have nobody to thank but you and your support for the last 6 months. Thank you for everything you do."... Safia Gosla (Former Client)

"Thank You. Because of the times you didn’t coddle me when I was your patient I found the help I so desperately needed. I wouldn’t have known how severe the abuse in my past was affecting my present. I would never have confronted my brother freeing myself if you hadn’t taken the focus off of Patty forcing me to painfully face the truth. You thought you didn’t do a good job a week later creating a safe environment but by the time adults make it to you a safe environment is the last thing we need. You allowed me to see my wife as she really is. Only lovely. Since March her desire to be physical with me hasn’t returned but it doesn’t make her any less lovely so I just keep loving her. She is happy. I thank you today because I wouldn’t have been there yesterday when the result of her MRI revealed a large tumor in her pituitary gland was the cause of her losing her peripheral vision, the pain in her arms and neck, and inhibiting her production of dopamine. Thank God it’s benign and her prognosis is not life threatening. She will need surgery. She has a tough road ahead. We meet with the neurosurgeon on Monday. With her will be a man that for the past year at less has thought of her instead of himself...because of you. I know you don’t need this to feel better about yourself but if it makes you not coddle any patients today maybe indirectly I will help them. Thank you Jill" -(Former client)