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3 Keys to Happiness

1. Home: Do you like your home? This can be the structure, your room, and the area in which you live. Do you like whom you live with? Do you have your own space? Do you feel safe and free?

2. Goals/Future: Do you have something you are working towards? This can be small and broad, like working on getting healthy or specific and structured, like completing your Masters degree. Any goal counts as long as it’s your goal and you are following through with it. During times when you don’t have a goal, looking forward to your future works too. For example, looking forward to retirement or having children/watching your children grow up or looking forward to events in your life with loved ones.

3. Freedom to make choices, change your mind, and move around in your life: This includes not being afraid to do the things you want to do regardless of what other people expect of you. This means having a positive sense of self, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Being in codependent or controlling relationships may limit you. Having the emotional support and finances necessary is also a factor.

The 3 keys to happiness run on a continuum. You don’t have to have everything mentioned above or be perfect to be happy. You just have to have enough of each of the three areas to feel grateful & proud of your life. As you self-actualize through your life, each of the three areas will be shifting & changing, however over time hopefully improving as your happiness increases.
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